Our Mission:

“To Empower Modern Women and Shed Beauty in Every corner of the Earth.”

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Beauty from The Inside Out

The Blondes introduces unique and high-quality products that bring confidence and euphoria to women. As women, we need empowerment, recognition, and personal time to stay sane in a demanding world such as ours. The Blondes truly understands these things. For that reason, we established a company that celebrates our individuality and womanhood. Being a woman, we need to feel good in the inside to radiate the goodness on the outside. Our world is so crowded with impossible perfections that no normal human being can achieve even with use of discount codes and how to use them. The Blondes stays true to our purpose and mission. We sell beauty products catered to enhance our beauty and a jewelry line as sophisticated as you are.

Skin Care Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Keep your routine simple but effective. The simpler your skincare, the easier it is to maintain.
Beauty is skin deep; however, it is not a reason for us to let ourselves go. The problem with online shops voucher codes is that they trick us into thinking that we have to be perfect. Skincare will not give you the perfection you are aiming for, though it can enhance your overall skin complexion. Our skincare line is simple and basic. No fancy ingredients that promise impossible results, no orchestrated reviews to gain cheap website traffic, just pure intention to help you be confident in your skin.

Safe and Non-Comedogenic

The Blondes kicked out all traditional chemicals that may harm your skin. All of our products are safe to use and non-comedogenic. Don’t be afraid to do online shopping using discount coupons with us because we carefully have chosen the items to sell.

100% Disclosure on Every Item

Unlike other companies wanting to buy traffic for website, we provide full disclosure of every ingredient used in every cosmetic product. We’ll be detailed as much as we can in terms of their side-effects and efficacy on skin problems you are trying to treat.


Our company is against animal cruelty. We don’t test our products on animals. Our products go through intensive research before releasing them. The Blondes has partnered with experts to bring you high-quality products that work.

Bring Your Power Pieces

Bold pieces you can wear anywhere. A jewelry line perfect for any occasion.

If there’s a company who understands a woman’s love for jewelry that’s The Blondes. Our jewelry pieces are unique and wearable. Our designers are thinking of you while conceptualizing every detail. And the materials we used are made to last, so you could wear your power pieces on Amsterdam holiday year after year.

What Customers Say

Go, girls! The ladies behind this brand are amazing. We should support women-owned companies such as The Blondies. They got the best products and they are great women.
fashion designer
Cynthia Swanson
I used to have troubled skin until my friend introduced me to this brand. After all the money I spent on products, nothing worked except the ones I bought from this shop. My skin is perfect, but it got to a point that I can go out without wearing makeup.
beauty blogger
Jessica Johnson
Beauty Blogger
My mom and I are both using their products. We have the craziest skin but this skincare line helped to calm our skin and recover from the damages it took from picking.
Rhonda Kilmer
Fashion Writer
This shop is serious in keeping their customers. They got an awesome customer service team who knows how to treat customers well. I love everything about this brand. You can expect my next purchase, and this time, it would be a set from your jewelry line.
beauty blogger
Reina Woodrow
Fashion Blogger
I’ve tried so many products but none of them worked. Maybe I was putting too many things on my face. I followed their blogs for quite sometime before buying. This website has enlightened me so much. Not only I look beautiful on the outside, I feel satisfied and happy on the inside.
Angie Wilson

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